Cameron House - Loch Lomond Lake
Loch Lomond Lake – Cameron House

Scotland; a trip full of castles, whiskey, and lochs. Unfortunately, Jalen and I were never actually able to sight the Loch Ness monster while nestled in our cozy hotel overlooking Loch Lomond Lake. However, the Cameron House Hotel was one of the most amazing hotels that we had ever stayed at together. If you’re ever in Scotland, we strongly recommend a stay! Prior to our visit, Scotland was a vision of rolling hills, green fields, and kilts on kilts on kilts…

Edinburgh Airport
Edinburgh Airport

Our Scotland trip began in Edinburgh, where we were picked up and driven to the hotel (castle) we were going to stay at for the night.  The name of the hotel was The Meldrum House, which was nestled in the countryside of Scotland.  The image below shows the entrance of our hotel room (truly was a castle).

Meldrum House - Scotland
Meldrum House


We were welcomed with our own decanter of whiskey and a view that glimpsed into a field of longhorn cows.  That night we met with family and enjoyed a night cap in the rustic hotel bar, in order to be fully rested for our day filled with adventures.

The next day we started with a lovely European breakfast at the hotel and then began our exploration into the historic town of Stirling.  Here we visiting the Stirling Castle which was full of stunning views and magnificent architecture.

Stirling Scotland
City of Stirling from Castle

The town and castle views were unbelievable, and is a must see when visiting. The photo above is of Jalen overlooking the town of Stirling from the walk-way of the castle.  After visiting the town and castle of Stirling we headed back to the lovely Cameron House Hotel, our second hotel in Scotland (image below).

Cameron House Hotel Scotland
Cameron House Hotel

After a lovely night at the Cameron House, we went on a Scotland Highland Safari.  Yes… I did say a safari… In Scotland…  As odd as this may sound, this was one of the best adventures that Scotland had for us.  There were no giraffes or tigers, but we were escorted across the highlands in Land Rovers with exceptional views of the countryside terrain and wildlife.

At the furthest point on the safari ride, we stopped for a lunch break in a hut that overlooked a stunning valley.  The image above (left) is the hut that welcomed us with warm local soup and coffee.  The image shows the incredible view from the hut.

Scottish Highlands - Amazing View
Amazing View of the Scottish Highlands

We could see for miles from this view and the safari guide pointed out many of the Scotland villages and the Loch (lake) Tummel right behind us.  He described the terrain of Scotland to us, explaining how the countryside is not owned by one person but is land for the country as a whole to enjoy.  He also pointed out the Heather flowers which cover the hills and are commonly used for tea  in Scotland.  (image below)

Heather Flowers of Scotland
Heather Flowers

This safari took place in Pitlochry, Scotland which was filled with quaint towns for us to tour.  One town that we stopped at was Killin-Clachaig which was located next to a beautiful river that had lovely sitting rocks where one could enjoy a glass a wine or a packed lunch.


Scotland was a wonderful country to visit and was full of breathtaking scenery, delightful whiskey, and great company.


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