New York, NY


Energy fed from coffee and wine, New York.  Traveling from Chicago, New York is one of the easiest destinations to travel to.  With tickets only costing around $90 round trip how could we not travel here often?  Not only are these tickets affordable for a weekend get away, New York is also dear to our hearts by being the city that many of our family and friends call home.  img_2537

One thing Jalen and I always make sure to do while in New York is to drink a nice warm cup of coffee and go for a walk through central park.  The corner coffee stands in New York have the BEST coffee and you MUST get sugar and cream to get the full experience (you’re on vacation calories don’t count).

(image below is Jalen showing off his basketball skills in central park)img_0174

Central Park is full of beautiful pathways and places to sit and enjoy the people and nature around you.  During the winter season there is ice skating close by which is so much fun and is a must if it is your first time to the city.  If you really want to see some unbelievable views of the city definitely take the Liberty Helicopter Tour.  There is nothing better than a birds eye view, and the pilots are friendly and will point out and explain what you are seeing during your 45 min tour.

Another way to enjoy a different perspective of the city is by boat.  During the month of September my family, close friends, and I celebrated my mother’s birthday on a boat that chartered the bay and presented spectacular sights of the city.  It was such a wonderful time full of champagne, loving company, and unbelievable views.

Also while in New York we were lucky enough to see Hamilton and meet some of the actors and actresses after the show.  Broadway is such a symbolic part of New York and one should definitely try to plan their trip around a show time.  (the image below is of me on the stage after Hamilton was performed).


NOW time to talk about my favorite part… THE FOOD!  New York is filled with so many marvelous restaurants that it is hard to pinpoint my favorites. I always like to ask for some suggestions while in the city because the New York people always know the best spots to go. One restaurant that had a romantic and artistic environment that I absolutely loved was the Hunt & Fish Club.  This restaurant was full of beautiful mirrors, chandeliers, and delightful cuisine.  (below are the few photos I captured of this amazing place).

New York is definitely a destination that Jalen and I will take frequently and we will bring you updates of our favorite spots and must sees while in New York.




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