Barcelona, Spain


Stunning beaches, magnificent architecture, and breathtaking views; Barcelona, Spain.  Barcelona was an amazing trip because not only did we get to experience the beauty that Spain has to offer, it was also spent with family.  We planned a five day trip to Barcelona that involved touring the mountainside, staying at a stunning hotel, and being able to see a Coldplay concert.  The hotel we stayed at was called Hotel Arts which was located right near the beaches of Barcelona.

(Jalen climbing a jungle gym at the beach right outside of our hotel).


(below is us right outside the Hotel Arts enjoying the pool and deck area)


Days were filled with walking along the beach and discovering Spain’s beautiful destinations.  One of the days, we decided to go to the Montserrat peaks to see the village and temple that are located on the top of the mountain.  In order to get to Montserrat you must take a cable car to the top which provides amazing views of Spain (photo below is from the cable car station at the top).


(below image while touring the temple of Montserrat and hiking the trails).

This area was stunning, with great hiking paths and amazing history; this is a must see if you have time during your Barcelona visit.

That night we had dinner at the Torre de Alta Mar, this restaurant crowns the old ports cable’s tower, which provides unbelievable views of the city.  To get to this restaurant you take an elevator up to the top of the old tower and you are welcomed with a contemporary chic room.  This restaurant focuses on a 360 degree gastronomic experience.

The next day we went to see the Sagrada Familia and walk around the town.


This area was filled with great restaurants and bars.  I wish we had more time to explore near this historical temple because it was full of culture and amazing architecture.

We were lucky enough to go to a Coldplay concert that evening.  This was such an extraordinary opportunity being able to see one of our favorite bands perform internationally.


The Coldplay concert was performed at the arena where the olympics were once held called, Estadi Olimpic Montjuic Lluis.  It was so amazing to be able to watch the difference in performance by Coldplay while in Barcelona compared to their performance in the states (images from the concert below).



With such a short trip to explore the immense attractions Barcelona has to offer, these were just a few of our favorite spots.  Hope to see you again soon Barca!




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