Guinness, salty air, and exciting adventures; Ireland.  After our Scotland trip, we decided to visit Galway, Ireland for a few days.  Jalen and I heard so much about Galway and how the city is full of Irish culture and lively people.  All of the suggestions were absolutely correct, it was beautiful!  The city was right next to an inlet of the ocean and had many delightful restaurants, coffee shops, and a ton of Irish pubs.

These are just a couple of photos from our first night in Galway, we were so excited to be there and did not take as many photos as we would have liked but I promise you it is a place you will want to see if you are in Ireland.  During our Galway trip we stayed at the G Hotel.  This place was so beautiful and had a contemporary artsy environment.  This hotel was a very nice stay for a romantic get away, but if you are a bit more budgeted there are a ton of adorable bed and breakfasts in the area!  fullsizerender-6

Our second day in Ireland we decided to go to the Cliffs of Moher, also a must see because it is absolutely stunning.  The day we decided to go it was a bit foggy but still breathtaking.

This was a little bit of a drive from Galway but the drive there is a tour in itself, with such beautiful scenery surrounding you with tons of small cafes along the way; if you want to take a little break from driving.  On our way there we stopped at a small town called, Kinvara – Carton, for a quick coffee break with a delightful view (image below).


That evening we decided to go for dinner in Galway and experience the nightlife.  We ate at a delicious Italian restaurant called il folletto.   The restaurant was very homey and had beautiful stone walls throughout.

After dinner we decided to walk around and browse the downtown area.  It was so lively, with live music everywhere and glasses full of guinness.  During our night we talked to many locals about what we should do while in Galway, Ireland.  One woman told us that we HAD to see the Aran Islands, and to get there you can take a small airplane or a boat.  I am so glad we talked to this woman because the Aran Island adventure was the best part of the trip (Photo from the Aran Island below).


Jalen and I decided to take the large charter boat over to the island instead of the plane because the tickets were cheaper than the plane and it was very windy that day which would make due for an extremely bumpy plane ride.  The boat ride was about 35 minutes long and a bit rough due to the Irish Sea.  This brought excitement to the both of us because it started to feel like a true journey.  Once getting to the Aran Island we felt as if we were on a different world.

The day we decided to go to the island, it was a bit rainy and windy.  So in many of the photos you will see Jalen and I in these goofy plastic bag rain protectors, we both completely forgot rain jackets… So definitely pack one if going on an Ireland trip.  The population on all three of the Aran Islands is around 1,000 and many of the population is made of fisherman who are gone for long durations.  This island that we were on was called Inishmore and it felt as if it was untouched by man and only shaped by the sea.  There are no major vehicles to rent on this island besides bikes.


I highly suggest renting one of the motorized bikes (as we did) because there is so much to see on this little island and very many hills.  We biked on cow paths through rolling fields along side the sea, this ride seemed unreal.

After our biking adventures through the island we decided to grab a bowl of soup to warm up before the charter back to the main part of Ireland.  We walked through the town and bought an Irish wool sweater for Jalen and found this delightful cafe called Teach and Tae (below the image of Jalen in his new sweater at the cafe).


This island is a must see while exploring Ireland and will definitely create a day full of adventures for you. We feel in love with it and hope you have the same experience.



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