Sun Valley, ID


Skiing, snowboarding, and cheese fondue, what more can I say; Sun Valley, Idaho.  Waking up with elk outside our window, with a cup of warm coffee in hand, contemplating our winter sports filled day, makes for the perfect winter wonderland.  Everywhere in Sun Valley is absolutely stunning, with picturesque views of the mountains everywhere your eyes wonder.  The town itself is filled with lovely quaint coffee shops and lunch spots to fill up before an adventurous trip into the mountains.

Two places that we stopped to grab a bite to eat at while in the down town area were  Cristina’s cafe which was an adorable area to stop for a nice lunch before skiing.  It was delicious and quaint with a little bakery attached to the restaurant (Below is an image of a little ginger bread man the sweet owner gave to us). For dinner we went to the Pioneer Saloon, which is a must see.  This restaurant has a large display of taxidermy on the walls and feeds you filling home style cooking, it will definitely put a seal on the perfect trip.

So before Sun Valley, I have only skied once and it was a huge fail, so I advise before going definitely take a few ski lessons at a local hill or mountain that way you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery around you while going down the Idaho slopes.  The first day we were there I took a ski lesson and the lady was extremely helpful (as I was skiing next to five year olds, I felt as if I accomplished a lot that day).  The next day I decided to tag along with Jalen and attempt the more difficult hills.  I decided to sit on my skis for the majority of the time and sled down and took in the beautiful mountains around me.  (so take my advice, take some lessons).  The mountain that we were skiing on the second day was Mount Baldy, which I highly advise.  (images below of mount Baldy).


As you can see, absolutely stunning.  The mountain has a gondola which will take you to the middle of the mountain where there is a restaurant, called the Roundhouse.  I promise you they will serve you the best cheese fondue your taste buds will ever experience.  This building was built in 1939 and has been serving good cheers (and cheese) ever since.  img_3729

The views from this restaurant are the most amazing of all.  You can see for miles and miles of white topped mountains with poking pine trees scattered.  The staff is extremely nice and presents great service.  img_3740

An amazing experience.


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