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The Louvre

Wine, truffles, and charming train rides; what more can you ask for, Paris, France. Our trip to France began with us flying from Chicago to France for a four-day weekend get-away. We decided to stay in the lovely area of Versailles in the quaint, Trianon Palace Waldorf Astoria Hotel that was nestled in the quiet hills.  Versailles was quite alluring, with enchanting architecture, delightful shops, and charming farmer’s markets.

Airplane France
France from the Sky

Everyday started with us grabbing a bite to eat at the delicious European breakfast served by our hotel and checking the train departure times from Versailles going into the lively city of Paris. I suggest learning some French or asking for detailed directions before venturing onto the train, because all the announcements are in French and most passengers DO NOT speak any English. (trust me, we learned that the hard way)

This was an adventure for Jalen and I but was worth it. We were so filled with excited that even on our first night there we decided to take the train to see the Eiffel Tower. Right off of the train stop exit we were welcomed with the Eiffel Tower and all of its glamorous beauty. We grabbed two cappuccinos (to try and knock off some jet leg) and started to adventure in the downtown area.

All the views are so amazing in this area, every bench was a whole different angle of the Eiffel Tower.  The streets were lively and full of adorable restaurants, coffeeshops and shall I mention many shops full of decadent wines.  We decided before dinner that we were going to grab a bottle of wine to sip and enjoy the Tower and the hourly light show it fashioned.  An amazing fact about Paris is a bottle of exceptional wine costs only between 2-8 euros at a market.

This was by far one of the most magical moments of the trip.  Simply enjoying each other’s company and laughing the night away with French wine in hand.

Eiffel Tower at Night
Dream Come True <3

After our cherished wine time, we decided on a restaurant called Firmine, which is located on 40 Avenue de Suffren, and it was absolutely delicious. We decided to get light weight thin crust black olive pizza, because as you will understand Jalen and I love restaurant hopping and tend to order one dish at each place so that we can experience as many places as possible. At this restaurant we obviously ordered another bottle of wine and enjoyed our pizza.

Firmine Restaurant - 40 Avenue de Suffren - Paris, France
Firmine – 40 Avenue de Suffren, Paris

After our dinner we decided to ask the waiter (since we finally found someone who spoke some English) where the best place to get a nice nightcap would be.  He directed us into the area on Street Rue de Pondichery, which was full of delightful relaxed bars. All making for a wonderful first night in France.


The next day we decided to venture to Notre Dame Cathedral!  This was by far our favorite area of Paris.  To begin simply walking around Notre Dame was delightful with stunning views and lovely walk ways.



Right behind Notre Dame, on 14 Rue de la Huchette, is a street full of pubs, coffee shops, and restaurants that are full of cultured young crowds.  Everything was perfect and the prices were very reasonable for the young traveler. (image below of the street)

14 Rue de la Huchette, Paris, France
14 Rue de la Huchette

Our favorite restaurant that we went to was called il Gigolo.  The decor was so charming and so interesting with the goofiest yet atheistic items on the wall.  This was by far our favorite dish we had in France.  Not sure of the exact name, but we had the most amazing truffle cream pasta we have ever tasted (image below).

After our lunch we walked around the town and enjoyed the people and views around us.  We did a little shopping here and there and stopped at an adorable coffee shop called Lou Lou.  This shop is located on 90 Boulevard Saint-Germain.  They served fabulous pressed juices, salads, and splendid cappuccinos and lattes.

Lou Lou Paris - 90 Boulevard Saint-Germain
Jalen & Lou Lou

After our caffeine fix, we were on our way to the Perfumery to create my own alluring fragrance.  The name of the Perfumery was Le Studio des Perfums, located on 23 Rue du Bourg-Tibourg.  The street walking to shop was winsome with small shops all featuring their passions and treasures.  When we walked into the shop we were greeted by two kind perfumers.  At this location you are able to make both cologne and perfume so it is still a fun place to go as a couple… BUT I had Jalen help me choose the perfect oils to create my mixture.

Le Studio des Perfums - 23 Rue du Bourg-Tibourg Paris, France
Le Studio des Perfums

This experience was so fun and definitely a French cultured activity.  This day was packed full of walking so we were a bit tired and called it an early night in order to fill our next day with even more excitement.  We grabbed a bottle of wine for the road and enjoyed at the hotel. Later we walked around and gathered some small wines and candies for our dear friends at home.


Our next day began with a train ride to the magnificent Louvre.

Paris Ferris Wheel
3 Euro Wine

This area is a bit more pricey, if on a budgeted trip.  Jalen and I mostly just enjoyed the views of the area and walked around the nice shops and cafes.


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