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The Greek islands was a vacation out of a fairy-tale.  Every island had its own story to tell and sights to see.  Our Greek adventure was ten days long on the Sea.  My family chartered a boat called Oceanos, and we got to live the life like a sailor.  We wined and dined the entire vacation and swam about 5 times a day in the Aegean Sea. If you like Mediterranean food in the United States just wait until you taste it in Greece.


We started our trip in Athens and stayed there for a night before departing on our voyage of the Greek Islands.  Athens was such an interesting city full of lively people and vibrant city centers.

One of the islands we visited was called Hydra.  This island was amazing and full of history.  This island does not allow any wheels to preserve the roads so take a guess at the mode of transportation?  DONKEY!  This island had many walking paths that intertwined throughout the city and led way to many shops and cafes full of delicious ice creams, coffees, and treats.


This island was beautiful and so different from the other Greek Islands we visited.  If you are not staying on a boat for your trip there are many Ferry trips that tour each of these islands that you can hop on.


Another island that we visited was the Island of Santorini.  This place looks exactly like the photos you see.  Beautiful white buildings and blue roof tops that just compliment the view of the sea.  There are many restaurants you can dine at that over look the massive ocean.  I highly suggest sitting at one of these dining options and just having a glass of Greek wine to take in the natural beauty.


If you are staying at hotels during your stay, I strongly suggest staying in Santorini.  This island is one of the destinations that offer many ferries to the other smaller islands.  This island is also a great place to stay if you are wanting a more quiet and relaxing trip.  If you are wanting to stay in an area with great nightlife, I suggest Mykonos.

We docked in the Mykonos port for an evening and had an absolute blast!  Any age can feel welcomed partying here.  There were so many amazing bars that hugged the ocean.  You are able to sip on a delightful cocktail with the slow rolling waves right next to you.


Most of our Greek trip as on the water and enjoying the massive sea’s beauty.  If you love to snorkel or scuba dive this is the destination for you.  Every morning we would eat breakfast on the boat and through little bits into the water and watch the colorful fish swim by.  FullSizeRender 9

Another reason to go to Greece is if you are a Gelato lover!  hehe!  Honestly, if you are a food lover in general, Greece will not disappoint.


Greece was a trip of a life time, and if you are planning on a trip PLEASE feel free to contact us with suggestions!  Our email is


More Photos of Greece Below:

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