Exumas, Bahamas

A Travel Couple’s Journey Through the Exumas, Bahamas

Yacht Ocean Club - The Exumas
Yacht Ocean Club – The Exumas

Exumas, Bahamas; miraculous marine life, wild swimming pigs, and friendly swims with nurse sharks.  Similar to our 2017 experience exploring the Greek Isles, we boarded the beautiful Yacht Ocean Club for a 5-day excursion across the crystal clear and sky blue waters of the Exumas islands. As we trekked through the seas, we made a few stops at some of the most unusual and entertaining (oink, oink!) islands on Earth.

Pig Island at Big Major Cay – Exumas, Bahamas

One of the more unusual, and absolutely most memorable, of these islands was at Big Major Cay (a.k.a Pig Island) located in Staniel Cay. Even after seeing what this island had to offer through various Instagram and Blogger accounts prior to our visit, we were still unprepared for how remarkable this experience would be. As we drew closer to the island on our small tender boat, a large cluster of wild pigs began to make their way out of their forested cover and out into the water towards us and hungry for the food we had to offer! We were absolutely stunned by the domestication of these wild animals as we fed them carrots, hotdogs, and granola until they completely wiped us out of all food on board.

Big Major Cay - Pig Island - The Exumas
Big Major Cay – Pig Island – The Exumas

Generally wild by nature, the pigs actually acted extremely similar to dogs and with a gentle stroke on their backs, they would immediately stop, drop, and roll onto their backs asking for a belly rub! Featured below is one little piglet Lauren could not help but bring all of her attention to.

Pig Island - The Exumas
Pig Island – The Exumas

Swimming with Nurse Sharks – Compass Cay Marina – Exumas, Bahamas

Aside from Pig Island, many of the other islands and coves visited had extraordinary marine life as well. Over at Compass Cay Marina, we had our first experience swimming with sharks together! However, just like the domesticated pigs over at Big Major Cay, these nurse sharks were also harmless and loved the human interaction and attention as well! That is, as long as we had food (special thanks to this man for providing the fish to lure these big-boys over to the dock!

Compass Cay - The Exumas
Compass Cay

Since nurse sharks are actually very tame and have grinder teeth rather than incisors, we were more than excited to get face-to-face with these larger-than-human fish and even run our hands through their course, sandpaper-like coats.

Compass Cay - Nurse Sharks - The Exumas
Compass Cay – Nurse Sharks

While we swam above, below, and together with these nurse sharks, we also planted a GoPro at the sea bottom to get a new perspective on these foreign creatures.

Nurse Sharks - Compass Cay - GoPro Hero 6 - The Exumas
Nurse Sharks – GoPro Hero 6

Other Aquatic Sea Life – Snorkeling Our Way Through the Exumas

On the topic of marine life, our fantastic crew aboard the Yacht Ocean Club had a few outstanding coves and coral reefs in mind for us as well. Our favorite (pictured below) was a coral reef cove situated under a teeny-tiny island approximately the size of half a basketball court! Literally only about 25 yards in diameter, we were mesmerized by the aquatic scenery and life that lived below.

Marine Life - Island Cove - The Exumas
Marine Life – Island Cove – The Exumas

We free dived and snorkeled with a variety of aquatic sea life such as Sea Turtles, Sting Rays, Groupers, Spiny Lobsters, Blue Tang (Dory!), and explored the colorful coral lining the floor. We even viewed a few dolphins leaping out of the water from our yacht along the way! Thanks to the GoPro’s underwater capabilities, we were able to capture some of these shots below, as well as a kiss from my special loved one 🙂

Coral Reef - The Exumas - Bahamas
Lauren & Lexi – Coral Reef
Underwater Island Cove - The Exumas, Bahamas
Jalen & Lauren – Island Cove

Deep-Sea Fishing Excursion – Boy’s Trip – Exumas, Bahamas

While the girls enjoyed a relaxing day on the yacht deck as well as a rigorous Yoga class instructed by one of our certified crew members, the boys ventured out into 2,000-3,000 foot depths on a deep-sea fishing endeavor! Although the fishing was quite slow, the boys managed to reel in a few Mahi Mahi, Groupers, and Barracuda that we had for dinner on our last night (minus the Barracuda, not sure how that one would taste, so they tossed him back into the big blue)! Jalen was ecstatic with his 4-5 foot Barracuda pictured below – his largest fish reeled in to date!

Deep Sea Fishing - Bahamas - Huge Barracuda - The Exumas
Jalen’s Deep Sea Fishing Barracuda
Deep-Sea Fishing - The Exumas - Bahamas - Nassau Grouper
Jalen’s Nassau Grouper

Through and through, our trip around the islands of the Exumas was one for the ages. All of the time spent together, with family, and discovering the vast and distinctive qualities that make the Bahamas so unique was such an exceptional experience. Throughout the course of this trip, we had a chance to capture many of the highlights via our new drone, the DJI Mavic Air, along with our GoPro Hero 6. Below are just a select few of the aerial shots from our tour throughout the isles of the Exumas!

Other Photography & Aerial Drone Footage – Exumas, Bahamas

The Exumas - Bahamas
Island of The Exumas
Mavic Air - Aerial Photograph - The Exumas - Bahamas
Remote Island – The Exumas – Mavic Air
Yacht - Ocean Club - Sunset - The Exumas - Bahamas
Jalen – Sunset over Horizon – Yacht Ocean Club
Mavic Air Drone - Remote Island of The Exumas - Bahamas
Aerial Photograph – Mavic Air
Jet Ski Ride - The Exumas - Bahamas
Fun Jet Ski Ride 🙂
Sunset - The Exumas - Bahamas - Yacht Ocean Club
Lauren Sunset

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Peace, Love, and Travel On! – Lauren Swain & Jalen Franko @ Innergy Traveler


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